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“Returning to Your True Home – your body “.

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Part One : Me and my dog Chilli.

The first thing my dog ​​does in the morning after waking up is lying down beside me for a while, then yawns, stretching the muscles of the jaw and neck, and then she strongly drag the whole back to the legs - from the side of the back to the cobra position, she does it naturally it's part of her life like breathing. On the morning she naturally prepares her body for the day and believe me, my dog ​​is the most joyful in the morning! She wakes me up because it's time for her breakfast and a walk, hugs are also welcome at this time of the day, when she sees me in the morning she greets me as if we haven't seen each other forever. Her mornings are full of gratitude. …..However, my morning before the time when I learned the TRE method was a bit more automatic than natural. TRE like a magic wand reminded mine nervous system of the importance of spontaneous stretching, my body started repeating it many times during the day, which reduced tightness in my back and neck. Circulation improved by providing more oxygen to previously found muscles...

Spontaneous stretching is one of the many behaviours that my body has spontaneously implemented through this method! it's as if the body has reset to the point where the body has not recreated from habit, to instinctive, natural, organic behaviour ... because the body always has the best intentions towards itself, I do not want to annihilate itself ... The body knows best what it needs, unfortunately for different reasons we disconnect from our bodies, counting on the fact that our ego will lead us to a healthy and long life, and that the body will serve as a tool to achieve this!

Well it will not, so stop!

Before we delve deeper into our relationship with the body, try to understand what kind of contact you have with it and how you treat it, What would it say to you? I encourage you to have a little body : my experience ... You can write a letter to your body, then few days later read it you will be surprised !

Try to start today your practice and continue until the next part of the article will be published.

The first step of our journey home:

Every morning, start your day by stretching in bed, trust your body and fallow, and please take as much time as you need. To make it clear: I'm not talking about stretching exercises like Yoga or Pilates, I want you to reset your natural stretching mechanisms by reminding your body that its ok to do so.

I want you to start stretching, lying down, and then standing. Stretching your arms upwards away from you, pulling your feet down, yawning, stretching out, trying to make a sound, waking up the body slowly, prepare it for the day. Do this also during the day, when you are sitting at the desk with computer, put your arms up and stretch, devote little bit of your time every day , and I promise the body will pay you back !!!!

If you are naturally stretching your body everyday already, do it with greater awareness and attention to the body. Just notice what part usually stretches the most, which side needs it more, is it upper or lower back, be curious of it.

Am I asking for 2 much? Is it a lot to sacrifice? What happens to your body while you are reading this, what happens with your breathing , are you experiencing any sensations in the body ?You might think – She wants me to do something that will bring me closer to my body ? - Nonsense! After all, I am in the body, I feel myself, I have no time for this!

If you cannot find the time to meet your body, if you are not willing to give it your attention it will call you, it will finally scream with symptoms. One day your head will hurt so badly that you will have to lie down or you might catch a cold and then finally you will not be able to do anything other than being in your body, which hurts - so you can't not ignore it anymore.

With headaches we have a tendency to create excuses: its hurts from a change in the weather, besides my mother and grandmother often had headaches too - it's hereditary, when you are a bit closer with your body, you might connect it with tense back – good! But what happened that you are holding so much tension in your back? Your body shows you that something happened, which emotionally could be too much for you ..., maybe someone has upset or saddened you? What happened in the last 24 hours? Last 3 days?

Ask yourself a question? Have you ever fallen ill after strong emotional experiences, quarrels, after a lot of physical exertion? You more definite have, but did you allow yourself to admit to yourself that it was the reason, or maybe the contact with your body is something incomprehensible, maybe you feel as if your legs and hands are not yours? Maybe you feel like it's not your body? Or maybe the other way around - you feel every inch of your body.

How do you talk about your body? How do you feel about yourself in the body? Leave you with this question ... stay with it, but please don't judge yourself for whatever feelings or thoughts will come ... can you write them down? Can you feel them? Can you pay more attention for a few days to what your body is doing? While you carry on during the day give it a quick scan.

So… Is tomorrow the first day towards self???

I will write more about the privileges of being in the body next time, I am waiting for you, write to me how you are doing, I will be happy to support you in this journey!

I keep my fingers crossed for you! Be persistent and it will all pay off!

Ewa & ​​Chili- my best friend, who reminds me every day to trust and devote myself to the organic instincts of the body.

Ewa Kotula – TRE ® Trauma and Tension Release method Provider , Dance Movement Therapy & Therapeutic dance Instructor, Artist . Owner of Alchemy of Movement Studio in Limerick City .

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