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Subtle energy - what is it?

The concept Subtle Energy is often assumed to mean different forms of energy more subtle than conventional physical instruments can detect. In this sense, the concept comes from traditions that accept the human ability to see or feel forces that are not physically measurable.

What is it that gives people their individual looks, moods, talents and desires? What makes each person an individuality in itself? It all comes down to the inner conditioning and subtle building blocks of life, which include the subtle energy called "prana" or "chi", as well as the subtle body made up of chakras, gunas and the five elements. First, let's look at the subtle energy itself, what it is and how it can be defined.

Have you ever experienced subtle energy in your turn? Did you feel chakra spinning or tingling in your hands after rubbing them together? Have you ever had an energy healing session where you felt as if something was moving within you, but you couldn't describe what it was?

Since I was young, and basically as far as I can remember I have always felt energies to some extent. But one of the significant experience which I had and that I can share was volunteering for a dog shelter. Even though at that time my understanding of health and healing, as well as my knowledge of the subtle energy and invisible aspects of the life around us, was far beyond the conventional thought pattern and beliefs... despite all of this, still a certain event was a huge surprise to my consciousness at that moment.

About five years ago, as every year during the holiday season there is a collection organized in the supermarkets to support a dog shelter. So I volunteered with a friend to pack groceries and by this spend a bit of my own time and express my gratitude for everything that I receive from the Universe from God, from Mother Earth and my spiritual guardians.

At first, everything was completely natural and I was just a passive observer of the people who were shopping at that moment. Every single person was completely different from me but in some way I felt really close to each of them, even though there was often resistance and unwillingness which you could sense in the air on their part, it still did not have a negative impact on my person. Maybe because of those people who emanated with positive energy, or just maybe because at that moment there were no divisions or judgement in my head and heart but only peace and gratitude. It's even hard for me to put into words what has been happening with me than. I was simply present... not only in body but also in spirit ... completely devoted to what is here and now. Today I think that for the first time in my life I was not only one with my heart ad mind but also I was one whit all of them where we all have been connected through the time and space.

Nevertheless, the awareness of what was going on between me and those people who were so different from each other and from me, but how the same in the eyes of God (the creator), brought me into a different state of consciousness.

At one point in front of my eyes, just like every day I see my own face in the mirror, the sun, the sky and birds that day when I was packing purchases of completely strangers ... if I remember correctly at that moment it was a pregnant woman ... in front of my eyes a beautiful merkabah appeared to me, which shimmered with all sorts of colors.

It took so long that I remember asking my guardians and spiritual guides to let me return to normal vision, which paradoxically is not normal just because it is understood by the majority which mostly uses the five basic senses like the sense of sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing, while in addition to these physical senses, each of us has psychic senses whether you are aware of them or not. But this is a deeper approach to the subject.

Anyway, today I would allow myself to be in it as long as possible but at that moment, despite all the delight and euphoria that flowed from my soul and heart, a certain unworked aspect of my personality also made itself felt...FEAR OF WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK ?! There was an immediate need to control what was happening to me, a desperate attempt to keep my own image as best as possible, fear of being criticized and even being ridiculed by these people. One emotion triggered an avalanche of negatively saturated emotions. A simple small thought soaked with a bit of fear is enough and you even don't know, when you are the one who is blocking the possibility of experiencing sometimes the magical moments with full of joy and hope that are offered to you ... just because what others will think!!!

So often .. too often, we reject the right to our own happiness just to look good in the eyes of others, while in our own we do not seek that is so sad.

This experience was one of many that showed me the reality of an alternative energy world and has pushed me further to explore myself as a multidimensional energy being. But most of all it was an important life lesson for me, that what others think about me is not my business, cause I am the one who is responsible for my own world, for my own good, for my inner peace and what really matters is what is between me and God. By living in truth with yourself you live in truth with God, and when you live in truth with God you live in peace. Peace is the highest vibration and when you live in conflict with yourself it is as if you were blocking the way of God and telling that he created something imperfect, where we were taught from an early age that God is an infinite and omnipresent good, so whenever you turn your attention to lack, fear, anger and all of these negative patterns that are in you, you say no to God. Jesus said you can't serve two masters; all that is good comes from God, everything that comes from fear flows from the Ego. It is left to you to choose from which source you wish to nourish your spirit.

To deepen your understanding of life, I will sum it up in a practical and informative way so that you can continue your journey of discovery. The basis of the subtle body is a system of interconnected channels of subtle energy that make up the rest of your existence, both subtle and physical. These channels are usually called meridians or nadis. One of the first Indian spiritual scriptures, the Vedas say that there are 72,000 different (nerve-like) meridians in the body. These meridians work together as channels for passing the subtle energy through the body, which also are transmitters that make up what we call chakras.

Subtle energy is the innate life force that we all have. They say about it: vitality, motivation, driving force. It is the subtle force that drives all other aspects of our existence - innate biological processes, the body's ability to heal itself, the charisma of every human being - and it is the fuel we use to make our dreams come true.

A common question about subtle energy has to do with kundalini, which is definitely subtle energy, but not all subtle energy is kundalini. There are many different opinions about the difference between subtle energy and the kundalini itself.

People have different experiences due to their individual predispositions, temperaments, spiritual or religious traditions, character, inner desires, which makes kundalini impossible to define in only one way: no two people will experience kundalini or subtle energy in exactly the same way. For the sake of knowing and getting a good grasp of the subject, the source is considered the most significant difference: subtle energy can be cultivated in various ways, both internal and external, while kundalini comes only from the greatest interior existence of a given person. So, although the kundalini and the subtle energy use the same energy, the kundalini always has the Soul Consciousness connected as the primary guiding force, and the essence of how the subtle energy moves and where it is taken from.

One can think of the kundalini as Soul itself and how this Soul carries its unified consciousness through the body. The soul as a spark of "God and I", the microcosmic form of the macrocosmic universe, already contains everything as part of itself. As such, it does not need any other source to draw its energy.

Kundalini can be very intense in experience because it is a pure, raw form of power, incomparable to anything. For some people the intensity is amazing - joyful and blissful. For others, it can be quite painful, causing immense fears and a real physical illness. It all depends on what is in the subtle body.

Not all subtle bodies are created identically, as can be seen when people encounter problems with kundalini energy.Virtually all humans are made up of the same components, the same channels - the meridians, the chakras, and the general subtle body system - but how well this system works is different for each individual.

The subtle body can be strong and resistant (immune), or weak and vulnerable. We can strengthen it with healthy eating and regular exercise, or we can weaken it with neglect and inadequate care for ourselves. It can also become contaminated over time, causing blockages that prevent energy from flowing freely through its parts.

In order for the subtle body to be in optimal emotional, physical and spiritual health, it is necessary to take care of its strength and good condition. Practicing meditation, yoga, and all relaxation techniques and work with the breath, has a significant beneficial effect on our subtle body.

A strong subtle body is needed by people who wish to cultivate their supernatural or healing powers.However, be warned that this is a long process and not a race. There are many ups and downs ahead of you. But nothing will happen without your consent and if you are not ready for it. The whole process, which is profoundly transformative and not necessarily enjoyable, is guided by Divine Intelligence. Prepare to be mentally strong because many people will leave your life, not because there is something wrong with them or with you, you will just start to resonate on a different frequencies. Certain elements of your life and its aspects will cease to fit together, cause new higher energies will start to flow into you, initially they will tear down the old system of your old consciousness, which used to be ego-based. The unification of mind, body and soul is often a painful and difficult process that takes years, but you are never alone as you will find out over time. God always helps those who seek the way to him. Be understanding and patient with yourself, but most of all, learn to be humble and take nothing for granted. At the beginning of my journey I did that, when I received grace from him in a completely natural way, let me put it this way, I started to ask the question "God, why people don't see this?" so God decided to give me an answer through experience. There is no better lesson. You cannot deceive God, he knows you better than you know yourself and he knows exactly when and what blessings to give you. Remember that with greater power comes greater responsibility, not for your own benefit but for higher good of all that exists. You will face various tests that will be appropriate to your level of consciousness at a given stage. When you start to develop your abilities remember that you are neither better nor worse, get rid of your judgment, learn compassion, gratitude and all that comes from love and goodness.

Think of the subtle body as a light bulb, and of the subtle energy as the electric current that reaches the bulb. If the bulb can only produce 60 watts of current power and someone puts 200 watts into it, the current will damage the bulb. Without a light bulb, the current has no relay, thanks to which it could express itself and shine. Trying to work with subtle energy through a weak body is like trying to connect a 200 watt electricity to a 60 watt light bulb - it will fail and may even lead to problems.

When a person's subtle body is contaminated with blockages, it can be compared to a clogged sink; the pipes need cleaning before water can flow freely through them. Both electricity and water are good analogues of the subtle energy flowing in the subtle body.

Subtle energy, it can take on different characteristics depending on the intention, orientation and willpower of the person. It will also express itself differently in different parts of the mind, body and soul system. Moreover, subtle energy can get different names depending on where it is in the body and what it does, but when it comes down to it, it's always the same main substance.

Take, for example, sunlight, it contains the spectrum of rainbow colors that is visible to us. We don't see single colors as such when they are linked together in the form of sunlight. Subtle energy also contains many different energy frequencies that make up one whole stream of subtle energy.

Hope all of this will become clearer in the next article as we look at the chakras and the different energies they contain. I also strongly encourage everyone to do further research on this subject, we live in the age of information that we basically have at our fingertips, all you need is willingness to do so.

Stay in peace, Barbara.

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