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The Crooked Mirror: The Biggest Matrix Question of all. Red Pill or Blue Pill. Part 2

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Why is knowledge so important?

Jesus Christ said "the truth will set you free"

It is said that "knowledge frees" and "love heals" and it's absolutely true which is wisdom in itself on which we should contemplate every day, Because once you understand its meaning, you will never look at life in the same way AS YOU USED TO . For when the mind lives in harmony with the heart, then the soul rejoices at peace with you :)))


Knowledge is like a "driving force" that constantly pushes us forward and helps us grow so that we can become self-conscious by integrating all aspects within ourselves and through this become sovereign beings which have power over ourselves; It often describes a person who has supreme power or authority, such as a king or queen. Thanks to such a strongly developed sense of inner authority, we regain our own power that aligns us with our inner good, which we respect and care for, as the king watches over his own kingdom. And every strong ruler has the right keys to open the door he wants.

Knowledge is like a key which, if we properly use, can open many doors for us and not only to the material world but also to the invisible worlds of different frequency and density, which we can't see with our eyes cause very often our energy centers (chakras) are not in tune with each other and this negatively affects the internal vision for which the pineal gland (so-called third eye) is mainly responsible .

Their existence often is denied because if we cannot touch or see something, it clashes with our understanding, with our mind... and with what is recognized as a norm in society and by this what is acceptable to it.

Whereas modern science well explains the multidimensionality that exists. Time is relative and the space around us is practically empty, let's remember about the structure of the atoms.

"In string theory, all particles are vibrations on a tiny rubber band; physics is the harmonies on the string; chemistry is the melodies we play on vibrating strings; the universe is a symphony of strings, and the "Mind of God" is cosmic music resonating in 11 dimensional hyperspace." Michio Kaku.

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics" -Albert Einstein.

The physical and spiritual world is the same coexisting world that we experience . We see divinity in a bit of dust, however, does not prevent us from wiping it with a damp cloth. Divinity does not disappear, it only transforms into a clean surface.

Spiritual tradition should always refer to how we interact with the forces of life which are present in us as, here on earth and in everything that has been created. And definitely it shouldn't be limited by the political correctness that exists in social or religious forums cause they only create an illusory divisions around us. They sell us an impression that they are here to serve our general good, while in fact.... in return....let's call it "the shepherd's service", they demand our subordination and waiver of our right to freedom.

And yes, it is true, that from time to time we are all looking for a master, but even the master himself, who carries the divine teachings is also only human. So let us not confuse the teacher with the lesson or the road sign with the road itself. In our own original way each of us is own "master", which should be constantly discovered and expanded by us and this can be possible only by experiencing and testing yourself in various situations, by leaving the comfort zone and opening up to new experiences, regardless of whether they are perceived negatively or positively. It's still just an experience that gives us the opportunity to transform something that we may be ready to face. It is said that the teacher comes when the student is ready ... and cannot be ready if does not want to make the right change for itself.

One of the greatest changes that transforms man is awakening in him universal consciousness and it happens when we we expand our own consciousness ... than you begin to perceive yourself as a multidimensional being. It is a process in which many visible and invisible forces are involved and which support us, guide us and ensure our safety.

Each of us has our own spiritual guides who accompany us constantly in our earthly struggles. They communicate with us in many ways, but most of all through intuition. Their task is to serve our highest good. However, it often happens that it is easy for us to get lost in this world where not always our thoughts, words, deeds or intentions are the right testimony of the GOOD that we should give to the glory of the one omnipresent creator, and who is the only God present in everything that exists.

Therefore, sometimes these spirit guides bring into our lives the so-called tower moment, or

if you like, the law of cause and effect (karma). They do not do this to punish us, but only to show us where we have made a mistake, so that we can become aware of it and make the right correction, which is to improve the conditions of our lives and ourselves and by this draw us closer to God and to our brothers and sisters.

They helping us to discover the truth about life and what is really important in it by understanding one universal truth, that what we do to others we really do to ourselves....It's just like a good chef ... he does not only have to choose high-quality ingredients himself in order to be able to prepare them in the right way but above all, he is the one who has to taste the dishes that he has prepared for the guests, so that he would know their taste before he starts serving them to others.

We're all a unique and unrepeatable being which essence in no way can be imitated, but from the point of view of energy, we all exist together in the field of infinite intelligence and unity of the Holy Spirit, the same force brought us to life that beats in every creature, regardless of from. And this is the truth of who we are...we are eternal life, changing only forms.

This truth is constantly lost in the millions of thoughts that accompany us every day, which instead of bringing us closer to our happiness, distancing us even further from our inner truth, introducing a lot of disharmony, chaos, a sense of lack and dissatisfaction either with ourselves or with what we create around us. And although meeting with higher energy is within the reach of each of us, those who blame others are very far from it. Our time on this earth is sacred, so we should celebrate every moment. However, it's something we are forgetting all over again.

Even religious holidays are today only an occasion to socialize ... traditional rituals no longer exist. We no longer make rites of our daily activities. We cook, clean, do everything complaining that it is a waste of time. We express our dissatisfaction with life, to which we ourselves decide to go again every day with the same attitude and a similar set of experiences. At the same time, hopefully expecting completely different results ... isn't it puzzling?

And yet we could put love into each of these activities, stop working with the conviction that it is a curse on a human being and start using our talents in such a way as to derive pleasure from them and multiply the energy of the great mother and father.

No creature on this earth, from monkeys to birds, needs any commandments to know how to act. They all listen to the voice of their instincts and do what they are called to do. So do we...all we need is to live in harmony with nature so that harmony can reign on this planet.

Nature is a blessing that has been generously and abundantly given to us. It is a living library, a treasury of knowledge that makes a huge contribution to the development of not only science, but above all medicine. It is a tree of life with which our roots are entangled...IT IS A WRITTEN STORY OF OUR ANCESTORS... It is like a book of wisdom that teaches, heals and shows us the way ... that constantly cares about our daily needs ... that patiently endures our stumbles towards it. She is a mother who loves and unites all her creatures with unconditional love, who does not divide her children into skin color, status, origin, religion, beliefs, gender, age.... She is the mother who gives us life!!!

Let give the Great Mother the respect she deserves by recognizing her sanctity.

Take care of yourself. Because when you care for yourself, it's like you care for a great mother. On the level of energy we are part of, everything is one and nothing goes unnoticed… the butterfly effect.

By making seemingly even a small change, you set in motion energies which, like a small pebble hitting the water surface, thus create circles that spill over its surface around the water reservoir. So also everything you do brings up those energies that vibrate around you and with which you have RESONANCE, and if they are good they vibrate more positively in your field. Often such a phenomenon is called "positive vibrations" and probably each of us has already dealt with it.

So let's break out of our own everyday life routine . Let's understand that we are not alone, that other people have contact with the same as we ... that each of us has our own baggage of experiences, successes and failures ... that each of us has not only light, but also a shadow work that requires our attention.

Cause the truth is we're all right and wrong at the same time. The very fact that we will be able to understand it ... will help us to believe that we are on the right path, that with each step we reach the goal which the great mother reveals through us.

Let us try to be the best version of ourselves whenever possible, going beyond the reality that surrounds us and to which we are already used to living. Let's not waste precious time waiting for the right moment, just because we lacked courage, strength, self-confidence or trust in divine guidance and support and often faith in our loved ones that they will support us in our choices, even though some of them may be in conflict with what is wright from their perspective. No one is in your skin, so no one will live your life for you. And for sure don't count that someone will understand you better than you, or will I know what's right or wrong for you, even if they know and wish you very well!!!

I am well aware of how often we have been put in a situation where our internal desires and choices are in opposition to what others believe to be right for us. I myself am a very charismatic, unique, colorful and often misunderstood person. In fact, for most people who are used to living according to certain patterns, I can be seen as a controversial person who touches on many taboo topics. I know how hard it is sometimes to remain faithful and committed to your own choices. I also know that although the road is often bumpy, there is always success at the end. Because every time you choose yourself, you regain your own power and freedom...priceless!!!

When you stand up for your own beliefs and the rights to decide about your own happiness, and when you are perhaps in the minority, there is always outside pressure, no matter what country you come from or what faith you were brought up in. What I have learned from my experience is that no matter what you do or who you really are there will always be people who will react negatively to your experiences and you...and in fact their reaction has nothing to do with me, each of them is a walking bank of different ideas, programs, emotions, beliefs so each of them conscious or not will always see me according to their own perception guidelines.

None of us have an influence on this phenomenon that occurs in our society, and which I noticed increases with age. People like to gossip, make fun of others, and make other people's lives uncomfortable in any way possible, especially when they are different. I know something about it perfectly well. I know what it is like to be ridiculed for who you are, where you are from, what you believe in, for your own choices, and even that you are overly nice because for most it is not natural and suspicious. The list goes on and on.

But if I have anything to share with you here is that every time I went through these types of moments, I always came out stronger. And yes, it is true that I have struggled with God more than once, trying to understand why me have to go through all of this?, why there is so much injustice and harm in this world? ... "why I?!" ... I've called to heaven ... "God, you are my witness to my deeds and intentions ... "why I?!"...why...

Of course, the answers came with time because God is in no hurry, unlike us. He spoke to me harder and harder, only I didn't know how to listen until I finally learned and understood who I am, and thus it completely changed my awareness and how I perceive my experiences and the world around me.

In fact, thanks to all these experiences, all these people, the whole universe, and of course to myself...I am still winning myself...and this is the greatest treasure I wish for everyone ... to have the courage to be yourself and choose the experiences you want ... wherever you want ... with who you want ... and surely don't apologize to anyone for it. BECAUSE GOD IS YOUR WITNESS...AND ANYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE, HE EXPERIENCES WITH YOU, so make sure that together you have positive experiences, and believe me, he will multiply your crops, fairly (UNIVERSAL LAW OF RESONANCE- what will you send, you will receive).

He strengthened me more than once and I am devoted to him. I know what miracles he has done for me and my family and none of us is afraid because we know that he always and everywhere guards us. I also know that he always puts the right people on my way, those who will extend a helping hand to me, who love me with unconditional love, accept and support my choices, as well as those with whom I experience in a less positive way, which does not mean that it is worse ... it only means that every person with whom I have crossed paths is a teacher for me and it only depends on me how much I learn from this experience.

There are no coincidences ... the universe works magically and when you start to think magically you start to see and create magic. Have a faith that is not wasted!!!

Regardless of your age, don't be afraid to discover in you this "woman" or this "man" which you see in the mirror every day. Notice in yourself not only maturity but also childish innocence, from which radiates inner joy, willingness to adventure and passion for life, as well as faith in your own dreams and the magic of moments. Remember what has been forgotten, repressed, drowned out by the external noise that still affects us from family, partners, friends, religion, education and all kinds of mass media,etc.

Dive into your own soul and stay in harmony with it forever. Learn the truth about yourself and the world we live in and remember that we have come so far, so be understanding and proud of yourselves. Do not regret any experience, remembering that we are both a human and a spiritual being, that we can go from tension to relaxation, from relaxation to trance, from trance to more intense contact with other people, from that contact back to tension and so on over and over again like a snake eating its own tail.

And definitely it is often not an easy process, as it requires us to love unconditionally ... A love that does not fear suffering, rejection, loss, failure or anything else ... A love that exists for the sake of love itself. For whoever drinks water from the source of divine love at least once, it will never again try to satisfy own thirst in mirage.

Let us consider what we are creating in life today: do we divide or merge?

You don't have to think long enough to find the answer ... today the world is separated and mysticism is ridiculed. In order to be able to control all nations and the entire planet well, our controllers had to divide us. They did everything so that we would not understand each other, so that we would fight or compete with each other in every field: social, religious, sports, and even there are fights in the spiritual field for power, domination, and money. Currently, words such as "social distance", which are reinforced with images, sounds, or films that constantly hit our subconsciousness, no longer surprise anyone. People's psychology is so well controlled by them that they have no qualms about using it in their own manipulations of society, for their own needs. People are more and more confused, divided, intimidated, discouraged, tired of the current state of the situation, which notabene has been created by certain groups. The pattern is always the same, first they create a problem, then like the heroes rush with solutions, but they always call out something in return from us. They play with us as they want!!!

The mystic understands that people's senses have been deceived. He knows that we are all linked into one big circle. And it is as if on one tree one leaf is attacking another leaf ... although there is no difference between them!!!

Go to the Source of infinite wisdom and knowledge. Realize that we are all connected and the same creative energy works in us and through us. Let's not just be fighting entities ... Take a close look at your toxic thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, intentions and actions that determine your reality. Remove from your body and mind all prejudices about yourselves and others. It is said that "in a healthy body, a healthy mind" ... and I say, in a healthy spirit, a healthy body ... Whether you start working on the body or on the spirit, it is completely irrelevant, because like "all roads lead to Rome", so also these both will lead you to harmony. Use your own magic for the general good, not for your own personal games!!!

In order to connect with the Divine Source and achieve our power, we must first of all cleanse our energetic body ... so this should be our priority today. And all this , with all my heart and spirit, I wish to each of us. Thank you to each of you for your time and attention, and for your individual contributions and role on this planet. May the blessings of the Holy Spirit come upon you and your families with God's abundance.

Stay in peace, Barbara.

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