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Vibrational Healing - Perfect Healthy Life.

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Can you recall that moment when you entered a room full of people having fun, how you could feel this extraordinary flow of overwhelming positive energy in the air? These are the "magic particles" of vibrating energy.

Energy creates the entire Universe and reaches us from everywhere. It radiates to us not only from the Sun and the Moon, but also from all celestial bodies and the whole Earth. And just like every organism has its own specific energy system, we are also characterized primarily by energy, thanks to which we can actively participate in this extraordinary energy exchange on many vibrational levels. In short, the Universe is an energy that responds to our will, intentions,emotions, thoughts, actions, words, etc.

In esoterics, it is difficult to find a more Universal idea than energy. It fills everything that exists, is everywhere and takes part in every process we know. This old truth - long known in Japan (the Japanese word byo-ki (disease) means energy disturbance), China (energy flow was assessed on the basis of detailed maps containing the system of energy channels, acupuncture points) and India (yogis created the art of regulating energy by breath control) - in the 20th century it was repeatedly confirmed by physics and biology. And the results of the latest scientific research in the field of genetics and cell biology make us fully aware of the importance of this truth which is beyond dispute that everything that surrounds us is energy, whether something is visible or not and whether you believe it or not ... It is a fact and in any situation you should be aware of the existence of certain forms of energy and how these subtle energies have a profound influence on our lives. Thanks to this, we can better understand the processes that take place within us and how important it is to maintain balanced energy for the development of our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being.

So it is quite obvious that many of us ask ourselves - how to strengthen our vibrations to enjoy health and feel full happiness? And although there is no one correct recipe for happiness that will apply to everyone, cause in the entire Universe there is no two identical organisms and everyone should be approached holistically, there are still Universal Laws, techniques, and many healing methods that apply to everyone.

What is vibration?

Everything in the Universe exists in constant vibration and motion. Some atoms vibrate very quickly and others very slowly - in both cases the atoms give the impression that they are motionless.

In the scale of existing vibrations, there are different frequencies of living beings and things, and despite the fact that they all vibrate, they still differ from one another. This scale includes frequencies ranging from those at the high level to the particles at the very bottom, so everything in the universe not only pulsates and vibrates with life and energy, but also with movement. Life is everywhere and always in the company of Divine Intelligence.

In order to consolidate spiritual development and growth you must look beyond, so-called the seeming separation of all existing life forms, and learn how to properly mute the noise of your mental mind and be able to stop yourself from their external analysis. Instead, become be aware of the idea of the unity an universal mind which constantly changes all things, nothing stays still - "Panta rhei" (everything flows), Heraclitus.

The Universe is constantly being created and re-manifested by new particles that travel through space at tremendous speed.

If we view man as simply another creature and not as the unique creation he is, we only see his body and by this it is not difficult to see human beings as mere mechanisms needing maintenance and repair. But when we take a piece of the human body under a microscope, our eyes will see, in completely different colors, the mass of cells that make up humans. We will see millions of living cells that coexist with each other in symbiosis and harmony. Each of these cells is not only aware of its own individuality, but also that they actively participate in the creative process of the larger ecosystem in which they live, i.e. our body.

Just like these cells, we also creating together an even larger ecosystem here on earth and in the Universe. Therefore, whatever we do, nothing goes unnoticed and it is important not only how we treat ourselves but everyone and everything around us. And our common goal should be to restore harmony in ourselves as well as around us for our common good cause there is strength in unity which we can give each other.

Nowadays, man is built on the basis of carbon, and by increasing his vibrational energies in atoms, he increases their speed by letting more light into himself. In other words, the body particles begin to glow more (i.e. they become quantum, constantly vibrating more and more, until they finally become invisible to the naked eye). Then there is a transformation in them and the body turns into a silicon structure. Such a transformation gives man a better "light body" that transfers us from matter (based on carbon) to a multidimensional silicon crystal. The carbon body burns down reducing the vibration down on a vibrating scale. The silicon crystal produces a huge amount of light that penetrates our body from the Central Source. Thanks to this, your body get illuminated, which will give you more power that flows from the "Source" (God) to you.

When you go deeper into the cells, you will not only understand them better, but you will also understand the dimensions of a human being more strongly.

Thanks to this cellular structure, it is possible to determine the dimension from which a given person comes. They will even determine exactly whether a given person is a more spiritual individual or just an ideological being. All information about each person is contained in his body.

The energy that flows in the average human body is called "chi" - "prana". These energies occur in tremendous amounts and varying degrees of vibration and they are arranged like pages in a book. Each person - soul, has its place in this grand book of the Universe.

As we already know every living person has energy within him… only its potential and value are different. It's hard to meet two identical units. If that were the case, our DNA and the fingerprints on our hands and feet would be the same. And as a person cleans his body, mind and corrects his own behavior by not harming his neighbor, then he rises higher and higher - let's say, he jumps from a page to a higher page, gradually evolving, transforming his own body into higher energies. And when it reaches a higher level and cleanses the body as well as the emotions, then the black structure in the cells burns out, taking in the light instead.

When the amount of light in a person increases and his cells change their form, his body is perceived by the masters as a higher body. Than ascended masters helps such an individual rises even higher, where it is constantly connected with new and higher forces (energies), i.e. "gong" It should be mentioned that in man there are also different higher energies called "gongli". Some are weaker and some are very strong. And from these energies, the so-called "spiral form" - the kundalini is created.

There are different vibrations in the physical world, and of course they bring different effects to our lives. However, we should be aware that vibrations at a high physical level may be low on the spiritual level. The key to this knowledge is to know how to define these different vibrations on both planes.

In the spiritual realm, negative energies are called low vibrations because they are denser and heavier. In contrast, the positive vibrations are higher because they are finer and lighter. All these negative energies make us feel trapped, while the positive energies bring lightness and freedom to us. This difference can be compared to; sadness and joy, stress and peace, etc. Negative energy is an emotional burden, while positive energy gives us emotional freedom.

Emotions are of a spiritual nature, so it is important to know that each energy attracts more energies of the same nature. Positive emotions attract more positive energies, while negative emotions attract more negative energies. Universal law; like attracts like. The energy in the spiritual plane will also attract appropriate scenarios similar to the physical plane.

Harmonious vibrations penetrate each other and bring into our body, mind and soul what we really need. They are like notes to us that make up a beautiful melody in and around us. While the low vibrations of a disharmonious nature give us additional shocks that are not without significance to us, even as we are their passive observers cause they can be like a "hiccup", "bad note" to our energy field, which disturbs our pure rhythm of life.

So, nature has a different effect on us, which is associated with us in one large orchestra, and differently we are influenced by mechanical sounds, such as car horns, the noise of planes, electric saws or even music, which will upset us more than silence us. Of course, the human body can deal with this "hiccup" up to certain limits, but when limits are crossed, our body, mind and soul express themselves in a completely different way, which can cause big changes at all our levels. And in order to not submit too much to all these negative shocks, we need skillful self-control and common sense. We have to find our correct course of action according to our natural rhythm of life and not a mechanical line (as we see it today, "machine man"), because we will fall into some mechanical channel that gives us the illusion that our life goal has been achieved; and where we are actually controlled by it.

A man who moves more strongly in the physical field can be deceived more easily because he lacks the spiritual powers and proper discernment that come from the ray of creation - the Great Cosmic Octave. The more we develop materialism, the less we develop spirituality ... and vice versa.

When speaking of energies, we must always bear in mind the "Law of Attraction" which applies to the world of thought as well as to the world of action.

We must recognize the power of this law, which not only draws the body to the earth, attracts and fuses together the atoms that make up matter, but we must also remember about our soul, which belongs to the spiritual world. We must be able to harmonize all energy fields, otherwise our life will be lame. Once we understand the fact that our thoughts create things, we are on the right track.

The energy field has its own laws and we should be familiar with it, otherwise we will be ignorant and always lame. Then our efforts to change our lives will be in vain. In this state of affairs, it is difficult to cure the disease, understand the simple rules of the universe, make contact with your own soul and even more difficult with other people.

It is also important to know that any positive form of thinking attracts negative discouragements. Positive and negative vibrations reach our brain ... the latter try to break our positive pattern of thinking and knock out the key that opens us to something better.

A negative thought will always flow right after the positive ... we must have the strength to resist it. Remember that the mind has different stairs, from the highest positive to the lowest negative octave ... and there is a long way between them, but in fact these two fields lie next to each other and it depends on us which keyboard we play our own melody on.

The more power you have to create positive vibration, the more you will collide with its opposite, not only in the mental field in the form of doubts, internal struggle but also in the physical field. These people are attacked by their opponents, anyone who goes "up" goes through a stage of reinforcement, such a test before opening a high voltage level of energy that will take us to a higher level of consciousness.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

It should be remembered that with each test our strength grows, it becomes real and permanent, so we must accept a certain receptiveness to fight negative energies. Sometimes the battle is rough, it is because as we grow, we attract stronger opponents to us, and this way we can continue to develop. By the clash of these two opposite vibrations, we will understand life better, we will see more, we will discover more and we will make a very strong purification. And it is worth knowing that man has only one task, to choose the right path and to produce the highest kind of life that will open us to true humanity.

By having positive feelings for people, we magnetically attract more good things of a lovely nature that bring blessing into our lives. On the other hand, negative feelings will lead to undesirable things...such a person usually feels cursed in them and begins to attract evil to itself (i.e., low vibrations with which resonate).

There is a symbiotic relationship between emotions and thinking (one will never exist without the other),and when one seems to have come into existence without the other, then it means that there is a different subconscious. So your thinking influences your emotions and your emotions influence your thinking.

Certain negative emotions are not entirely negative in the full sense of the word, for example, when they are intended to drive certain activities that are constructive for our lives. Such emotions include anger and fear. Anger is usually felt when someone wants to hurt us, but with assertiveness it can turn into well-being. Fear is felt when there is a need for protection and can be converted into trust and even courage.

Negative emotions can be transformed into positive ones through the law of thinking and acting. The only problem is when these emotions are handled immaturely then depression and greater anxiety develop. Depression is an emotional state that consumes our energy. Anything negative takes it away!!!

For this reason, it is important to us that we are always aware that our good thoughts attract good situations in our lives and bad thoughts attract bad situations.The stronger the thoughts, the stronger the emotions. When we change our thinking, everything changes. It is a kind of psychic magic by manipulating quantum forces to transform vibrations.

Our mind is for our own good and use, so don't let anyone enslave it. Unfortunately, not a large percentage of people really know how to take advantage of it. Still too few people understand the world of energy as well as the art of mind management. We must understand that our thoughts are either our faithful servants or great tyrants. We are the one who makes this choice and bear responsibility for it.

In our body, personal vibrations influence the movement of energy through the chakras and meridians. Each of our thoughts is the movement of energy (with the appropriate vibration) that travels through our nervous system. And such a positive, loving thought has a positive effect on our nervous and endocrine systems. A negative thought will create a completely different record in our cells that is not in line with our true nature and strongly disrupts our energy field and the energy movement that changes our poles.

Your energy: it is your thoughts, words, actions, emotions, food, movement, etc., ... your energies create your physical home ... the place where you live is saturated with positive or negative me your apartment and I will tell you what kind of soul lives in your body. The great energy that is hidden in every cell of the body has great intelligence and combines 5 other powerful elements. Such a body changes its molecular structure. These people look much younger than normal people, their body does not get sick. The first thing this energy does is remove all disease and damage, cleanse it perfectly, even in older women menstrual bleeding returns. The body of such a person is brighter-paler and becomes luminous with time.

Therefore it is very important to protect your energy and know haw to balance it, but above all, do not take anything for granted. And to better understand this process and how important it is for us to take care of cleansing and raising our energy to higher vibrations every day, I will share with you whit my own experience from the last few years.

It so happened that over 9 years ago my consciousness and thus my energy began to change day by day. It was a very difficult process for me to swallow because it put me in completely new circumstances. Suddenly, the reality that was normal for me every day began to lose its meaning and its absurdities began to be more and more noticeable. EVERYTHING STARTED TO CHANGE AND NOT ONLY IN ME... It's as if one day I opened sleepy eyes that needed a time to wake up and recognize what is actually going on around me and in me. I experienced various spiritual states which at that stage were alien to me and even slightly uncomfortable for my old consciousness.

And believe me or not, even though I spent a lot of time in church since I was a child ( I was active in various ways) and because I always liked to talk to GOD or basically at that time with JESUS, he was closest to my heart... even tho I was far from angel, there was always something of a rebel in me, especially when I saw injustice ... yet none of these experiences at this stage could explain this spiritual transformation which had place that time in me .

I started to pray even more and look for answers in the books and wherever I could. My spiritual abilities began to develop and be strengthen, I established a better contact with myself and thus with the spiritual world. Everything was getting to change. More and more I started to love myself and thus I have change visually without any great efforts.

Unfortunately, when you begin to shining, at this same time you draw attention to yourself and by this you ATTRACT DIFFERENT ENERGIES including people with low vibrations, who in the world of esoterics are called "energy vampires". And when you are not aware of it, you are getting to be attacked on the plane of energy and matter (it is described above, this is how we develop). So I started to learn how to take care and protect of my energy, it is especially important when you are empathic.

I must admit that I was doing quite well, at least at the beginning. Sadly as I developed, the strength of my opponents, who do not have pure intentions, also grew quietly. And when you are under attack from several sides and for various reasons, even the tiniest of them, and sometimes even for no reason, it is difficult to defend yourself...It's as if one person is being kicked by several attackers... you can defend yourself of course, but you will always be hurt at the end.

So I developed a spiritual practice of prayer, but most of all I started to be more humble towards GOD, myself and people. Every single day I apologize to all souls that I have wronged consciously or not consciously, I thank them for their participation in my development, I forgive those who have made mistakes towards me and I hand them over to the divine hands of justice, cause we are all responsible for our actions and energies that we set in motion.The following prayer is very powerful.

I’m sorry - When you say I’m sorry, you are recognizing that you are responsible for your own thoughts, beliefs and actions that are preventing you from living your best life.

Please forgive me - You can be asking forgiveness from yourself, others or the Universe. You are simply replacing the negative emotions with a positive attitude. If you are forgiving another person, it does not mean that they are right or excused for their behavior, it just means you no longer want to carry the burden.

Thank You -Saying thank you is a simple way of expressing gratitude and appreciation to the Universe for all that you have in your life. It is a way to acknowledge when you are treating yourself with kindness. It is thanking others for sharing in your happiness.

I Love you - It starts with loving and accepting yourself just as you are. When that is true for you, it is much easier to share your love with others. Saying I love you to the Universe is also another way to tell them thank you.

Despite all my experiences, knowledge, and certain spiritual abilities, still some experiences have been difficult for me and my family. And it's rely hard for me to admit this to myself and my spirit guides, but I could avoid many undesirable consequences for myself and my loved ones. You see, sometimes it happens that even though we are being warned notoriously ... don't go there or you will burn yourself ... we go there anyway, especially when something is close to our heart, we don't want to see these burns because we are drawn to that flame. This is often the case when you prefer to see the light in everything rather than the shadow it casts, forgetting that we live in a dual world.

This is what happened to me, from the very beginning I was very clearly warned in many different ways by my spiritual guardians, but I did not want to hear it, so I seriously exposed not only myself but also my loved ones to energy attacks in my ways. And God knows that even though I was warned, it was hard for me to come to terms with it.

A breakthrough moment for me was the event when I asked my spiritual guardians to let me be an eyewitness a some specific sign that will be clear to me and which I will not be able to confuse in any way....not even an hour passed when this person appeared out of nowhere and it happened exactly as I asked for.

Was I happy?!... I was devastated!!!... I had to swallow the bitter pill MANY TIMES since then, because all this and more has been confirmed by people who were objective in this matter. I had to be sure because it is easy to accuse someone wrongly and create bad karma for yourself.

I could no longer close my eyes to all these signs. I asked my relatives to ask for additional protection from their guardian spirits, especially as my mother began to feel worse for months without a reason. So my mother called her own spiritual guardians for protection, and before going to bed that day, she spoke loudly to her guardian angels to show her the person who was causing all of this. And because my whole family started working on themselves with their spiritual guardians too a few years ago, when they noticed what changes have occurred in me, my mother has also developed her own spiritual abilities quite well, and when you work on yourself and have pure intentions and an open heart, you are support by divine intelligence immediate and dependable. The next day my mother told me the whole incident from last night and described the person with darker hair who appeared to her, so I reached for the phone and showed her several different photos. I wasn't surprised when she pointed this person, the dots started to stick together.

Although the truth was hard for me to accept, I had to take it as it is and rethink it. You may not believe me, but I still like these people and in some cases I even more. After the energetic cleansing, my mother began to feel much better day by day, and the cycle of continuous failure that haunted us for many months has also disappeared. It is just a drop in water of how much support and even sometimes miracles we have received from our spiritual guardians, Jesus and God. To divine intelligence, only love matters!!!

Sometimes it is the case that people do not really realize how much they can come up with with their own words, thoughts, intention or wish to harm others. There are also people among us who are consciously and secretly obsessed with black art and we do not even know about it, especially if we do not have developed spiritual abilities, we are exposed to this type of attack. Therefore, it is best to pray for justice and be fair, because when you yourself have this problem with constant and unfair judgment, then you attract even more negative ones on yourself. The best protection is to work on yourself.

My family never wished nothing bad to these people, I write to people because there were more people involved in all this mess, instead we sent them love. Love is the highest vibration that protects and heals everyone who is involved in the process, and thus we do not take on us any unhealed emotional and spiritual wounds form others, etc. After that, no one in this world is perfect and everyone has something to heal within itself, so it is not our role to judge others. Besides, every experience teaches us something, no matter on which side you are now, everything is constantly changing and you never know when you gonna need compassion and forgiveness from others...each of us was not only hurt by others, but also caused pain to others, sadly that's just the way it is, but that doesn't mean we have to be passive about it!

And it is truth, that when you hurt someone else with a bad word, slander, when you gossip, when you make fun of others just because they don't fit your criteria or the programs and beliefs you were raised in. When you not only do bad deeds but also create bad thoughts on the other people, it all comes back either to you or your family, but it always comes back!!! And the worst thing above all it is when you hurt someone who has offered you an open heart and pure intentions, then no visible or invisible force, no even black art used by some, will oppose divine justice...... then it is best to be humble towards God and make amends to your neighbor and say ... sorry ... so not much and how much can it change.

Sometimes we really don't know who are we hurting on the way, our souls are so often connected that it may turn out that even though, here on earth someone may be stranger to you, but on the plane of energy you come from one tree and even sometimes you are "two half-halves of the same apple" ... so ask yourself who are you really hurting then?!

Nevertheless, I did not allowed this experience to break me down...if anything, it only did me smarter, stronger and even more devoted to God and my spiritual guardians. This all had to come my way for many reasons. I worked through some unhealed aspects of my personality that craved my attention. And I am taking a responsibility for my part in those experiences ...I'm not gonna cast a shadow on anyone's name ... I'm not playing their game, I've never played and never will...each of us is driven by emotions, no matter how much you appear to be otherwise. We all trigger each other!!!

And for these people and for all others, I am still praying. because we all need prayer and none of us are blameless ... so please don't think ... sorry to put it this way ... that your shit doesn't stink because it stinks, you just got used to it!!!. Besides someone else's "smell" irritates us more and for many people there is no point to take care of itself when you can bring someone down whit them ... just look at what times we live in now...

I share with this experience only so that we all remember that we are not alone here, that we are watched over by powers higher than all power on this earth. And no one will escape from karma, cause only in this way we truly develop. Whoever tastes at least once his own poison, which he serves to others, the next time he thinks at least twice before trying again. So do not seek revenge, because it will happen that revenge will find you. I always pray for justice to God for all the wrongs have been done to me, he knows better when and how to knock on someone.

So please develop your spiritual abilities, practice them at every moment, seek the truth in yourself and be faithful to it, open your mind to love and good, not for the rules that are imposed on you. Because not only the Government, but even the church itself has a lot of rotting, camouflaged stench to which we keep closing our eyes.

Wake up because the world we are live in is sick write now and collective consciousness of our civilization is tainted on many levels ... and the masks are only a symbol of the present times, as the shame we commit every day by choosing fear, anger, hatred, jealousy and all these negative energies... instead of love, peace, harmony, unity and everything what is good for us.

They say that discord ruins, harmony builds ... let's rebuild our world ... let's choose our experiences, words, thoughts, deeds and intentions wisely ... let's reach together for these good energies ... let's raise the vibrations ... let's give each other a hand ... and when someone falls, don't kick him, but help him get up, he'll help you when you get tired ...

Let's not stand passive in the face of injustice and the absurdities which are offered to us . Let's agree and disagree and move on. Stop hiding the outdated traumas that rot in us, and which only developing in us all kinds of diseases, depressions, which is well explained by the current science.


Stay in peace, Barbara

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